Since incorporation procedures, incorporated company crossing has taken over the reason fiber (BORO, or old clothes ) collected by ordinary homes, a place of business (used paper wholesale store) or a self-governing body, etc., has sorted out it in used garments export, domestic used garments sale, a UESU product (materials), anti-hair materials, etc., and has been sent out to each associated company. The undertaking throughput of the reason fiber of our company is proud of the leading size in the Tokai area. Moreover, the channel which carries out selling reuse of a lot of old clothes together with an export enterprise and recycling UESU by managing the original old-clothes store of our company is secured. Furthermore, since it has prevented that have also expanded the enterprise scale and throughput reaches a limit at any time, I contribute to the risk aversion of the point self-governing body and company which holds the increase risk (refer to lower graph) of the amount of reason fiber recoveries.